Star.K in Merida Italy spaces

Thanks to Kairos Contract, in Reggio Emilia, the environments of Merida Italy have been the protagonists of an important restyling in which the floor laid is a Sintesy Star.K.  

The Italian headquarters of the well-known brand manufacturer of racing bikes, MTBs and pedal-assisted eBikes, is spread over two floors of a large environment where the offices and the large showroom that houses the new products and excellence dedicated to the world of cycling coexist.

Our partner Kairos Contract took care of the entire renovation, from the design to the production of the furnishings.

The mission was to create communicating rooms, which would take advantage of the view from above over the large exhibition space, but at the same time allow for the creation of corners of privacy.
In developing the project, Kairos combined custom-made furniture for the various rooms with a high-performance Skema floor: Sintesy Star.K Edimburgo, a decorative wood-effect floor with a bright and fresh style.

Kairos Contract

Kairos is a company based in Montecchio Emilia, in the province of Reggio Emilia, which for more than 40 years has specialised in the design and customised furnishing of offices, professional studios, showrooms and work spaces. The company's mission is to enhance the unique style of each client and to bring out the character and personality of the company, even in the furnishings, in whatever place and professional context their intervention is required.


Star.K is the large-format SPC of the Sintesy line, famous for its total water resistance, ideal also for renovating bathroom environments with seamless floors and walls.
An eco-friendly proposal, characterised by the exclusive use of recyclable materials, the absence of phthalates and the A+ certification which attests to the high quality and healthiness of the compounds.
Today the Sintesy family includes many versions of Star.K: Star.K in wood-effect decors, Star.KD with a materic effect, Star.KR with syncroporous technology, Star.KW for wall application, Star.KS with a chevron pattern and endless effect and, finally, the brand new and innovative Star.Wood, which combines the technical qualities of resilients with an authentic wood surface.

Project details

Project name: Merida Italy

Project manager: Kairos Contract

Typology: Company headquarter with showroom 

Location: Reggio Emilia

Decor: Edimburgo
Product: Star.K
Line: Sintesy
Category: Sistema

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