PEFC™ certified Skema surfaces

All products in the Living laminate range, as well as Lumbertech, Evertech and Oximoro Oxford, are PEFC™ certified products.

This certification, awarded to Skema for the first time in 2016, is one of the many that the company has obtained over the years and that give structure to its green soul, certifying the use of wood from forests managed according to ecologically sustainable criteria.

Not just words, but many actions oriented to the safeguard of the environment and the wellbeing of people that can be concretely translated into the choice of a floor, made following the CoC - PEFC™ Chain of Custody.

Living, Lumbertech, Evertech and Oxford PEFC™ certified

When you choose Lumbertech, Evertech, Oximoro Oxford wood flooring, or one of the many Living laminates, such as K-Uno Hydro, you are choosing a product in which the wood (or cellulose) used in its creation is always traced and remains traceable through the various stages of subsequent processing, right up to the finished product. This is what chain of custody is all about, giving you the knowledge that you are choosing products that have been created with respect for forests and biodiversity.

Why being sustainable

Environmental protection and safeguarding are now values recognised by the general public, so much so that the ability of a product or service to have a low environmental impact is now a parameter that influences the perception of its quality.

In our sector, the environmental issue is closely linked to the sustainable management of forests, because this is where the raw material used in our products comes from. 
Before being an economic source, forests are above all guardians of biodiversity, they are the natural living space for many animal and plant species, as well as ensuring the climatic balance of our planet.

PEFC™ certification

The PEFC™ non-governmental organisation works to protect the local ecosystem in accordance with internationally recognised local protection principles. Its certification guarantees the eco-friendly management of the entire production chain, from the forest to the finished wood product.

PEFC™ certified Skema products

Category Sistema
Line Living
K-Uno Hydro
Syncro Parquet Hydro
Prestige Hydro
Prestige Gold
Prestige L
Syncro Plank
Vision Oxid Hydro

Category Sistema
Line Evertech
Evertech Hydro

Category Organica
Line Lumbertech
Lumbertech Oil
Lumbertech Varnish

Category Organica
Line Oximoro
Concept Autentici
Collection Oxford


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