Living 2020 is revolutionised and laminate floors become Hydro

Skema's large family of Living laminate floors is always ready to impress with state-of-the-art solutions. The 2020 edition that we are officially launching today is characterized by a revolution in the proposals, introducing Hydro technology.
Alongside the classics of the Living line - Prestige L, Facile+, Prestige Gold - here are the solutions designed specifically for environments where water is the protagonist: K-Uno Hydro, Prestige Hydro, Syncro Parquet Hydro and Vision Oxid Hydro.

LIVING 2020:


Hydro technology with NALFA certification

Through the NALFA certification, which the new collections are equipped with, the water resistance of the surface and the panel is guaranteed for 24 hours. 
The Hydro technology applied, in particular on the bevel, allows the laminate to be hydro-resistant to water stagnation for 24 hours, according to the European reference standards, without losing its naturalness and elegance. The laminate surfaces thus become ideal in environments such as bathrooms, hotel rooms, kitchens, wellness centres, gyms and changing rooms.

Syncro Plank is born with endless effect

Among the 2020 novelties there is also the new Living Syncro Plank which is characterized by the endless effect of the planks. Thanks to the continuity of the decoration on the two short sides, an optical effect is created between one dashboard and the other that gives depth and an "endless" effect to the floor. It is difficult to identify the gap between one plank and the other thanks to the accuracy and definition of the decorations. Equipped with chamfering on the two long sides, it comes in the size 1288x328x8mm in 6 brand new wood effect decors.

Hydro news in detail 

K-Uno Hydro 
  • The evolution of K-One.
  • Maintains the large format and increases the thickness (2052x248x10mm).
  • Syncroporous surface.
  • Hydro-protected for 24 hours 
  • Micro bevel on 4 sides. 
  • TLS-PLUS joint.
  • 7 decorative.
Prestige Hydro
  • The Prestige hydro-protected version.
  • New width (220mm) and new thickness (10mm)
  • Hydro-protected for 24 hours. 
  • TLS-PLUS joint.
  • Surface abrasion resistance AC5
  • 7 new decors.
Syncro Parquet Hydro
  • The evolution of Syncro Parquet.
  • Versions: Classica, Ungherese and Chateau.
  • Thickness 8 mm.
  • Hydro-protected for 24 hours.
  • PLS joints.
  • 9 decorative.
Vision Oxid Hydro
  • The evolution of Vision Syncro Oxid.
  • Material effects with Matt or Authentic finishes
  • Hydro-protected for 24 hours.
  • TLS joint.
  • Synchro bevel on 4 sides.
  • 3 new decorative grit effect.
  • 10 decorations in total.

The 2020 novelties of the Skema classics: Prestige L, Prestige Gold and Facile+.

The great classics of the Skema laminate flooring line are also being renewed: 
Prestige L is enriched with 6 new wood-effect decors in addition to the four existing ones.
Prestige Gold's wood-effect decors have been updated and five new shades have been added to the collection, bringing it to 12 proposals.
Facile+ is now available in eight new decors, in addition to the twelve existing ones, making it one of the most varied proposals among laminate surfaces.

The details of each proposal in the Living Skema 2020 line will soon be available on the company website and, of course, on catalogues and price lists that will be distributed to retailers in the Skema network in the next few days.


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