Looking for the perfect bathroom: 7 styles for 7 ways of thinking about the bathroom

The bathroom is one of the most subject to renovations and remakes. An intimate place par excellence, which increasingly represents the space for relaxation and wellness and reflects the style of the owner.

In this excursus, we see 7 styles that range between modernity and tradition, warm tones and natural atmospheres, to give you some ideas for your next project dedicated to the bathroom.


Rough surfaces and raw materials, dark tones, essential environments. The industrial style demands intense colours, strong materials such as cement, metal or resin. An increasingly established style in bathroom furniture that loves clean lines and the recovery of industrial elements, such as exposed pipes.

If space permits, maxi shower trays and sanitary ware with clean lines are better, technology is almost a must, as is comfort that prefers functionality.

Greys are always suitable for this style, but you can opt for an even more decisive style, the dark one.

Ph: from The-Bedroom SIA - Lago & MAD051 - Opera 19 Elektra // from Skema - Star.K Corten


A truly contemporary style, which prefers the darker shades of grey to absolute black.

The secret to not falling into too dark environments is to match the environment, light details, possibly pure white.

Ph: from Crivelli Arredobagno Pavimenti e Rivestimenti - Star.K Edinburgo // from MSC Home Desing - Star.K New Port


A small private SPA is the dream of many, which is why even in small or medium-sized spaces, more and more people are looking for solutions, maybe even just details, that recall the atmosphere of a wellness center. To create this style it is useful to opt for natural materials, such as wood on the walls, and warm colours such as hazelnut, ivory or beige.

The lines are generally clean, with some possible reference to nature, often in the use of sanitary materials, such as stone sinks, natural wood furniture or precious woods.

The wise use of light allows to create the atmosphere of relaxation sought.

Ph: from private home - GiemmeContract - Lumbertech Noce // from private home Scheggia Parquet - Oximoro Evo Originale


The research of harmony and light is typical of those who love a natural style, which can also fall in the Scandinavian style. At the base of both is the massive use of natural and white woods.

There are no strong contrasts; on the contrary, harmony between shapes and colours is sought. Generally the impact is one of a modern style, but characterized by natural light and simplicity. Few frills are required, such as frameless mirrors, linear furniture and furnishing accessories in natural materials, but always with a touch of personalization and never falling into too cold tones.

Ph: from B&B Borgo Petra By Fabiana Cucchi Design - DreamsFactory - Star.K Valencia


Another style that is among the contemporary ones is the minimalist one, where clean lines reign, often squared, neutral colors with a preference for white, perfect for those who do not have a large bathroom and want to make it bright.

The accessories in sight are reduced to the essential and follow light lines and essential shapes.

The feeling of space is given by the use of furniture often monobloc and suspended from the floor, which can be covered with technological materials such as Corian, glass or resins.

Ph: from private home Lele Parquet - Lindura Nebbia (out of collection)


The classic style in the bathroom is distinguished by the use of elegant and timeless materials, both for the furniture and the upholstery. The wood, in the already warm shades, can be used both on the floor and on the wall and goes perfectly with mirrors and marbles. The furnishings have soft lines, the lights are warm and come from chandeliers that are never too essential.

Ph: from Pasquale sas  - Lumbertech Real Oak // from Ceramiche Addeo - Oximoro Ermitage Mirò 


In a romantic style bathroom, the protagonist is the bathtub, perfect if freestanding, with exposed brass feet, in nineteenth century style. You often find bohemian accents, light colours and pastel shades. The bathroom fittings can have soft lines, but without sacrificing comfort and modernity. Elegant and refined, it is perfect even in small rooms, where everything is played on attention to detail.

Ph: from Show Room Onepercent - Opera Ungherese Liszt // from Crea Laboratorio d'interni - private house - K-Uno Rovere Indiana



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