Skema is protagonist in the 21st edition of I love Parquet - June 2017

Into 21st edition published in June of I love Parquet they also talk about Skema. There are more then one articles where they highlight our products.

But the protagonist this month was the Oximoro Essentia Spina, used for the renovation of an old farmhouse on the shores of Como lake.

Modernity and tradition on the shores of the lake

Once again our Oximoro is the protagonist into the pages of I love parquet. From page 24 of the specialized magazine you can see the images and you can read the history of the renovation of a farmhouse at the end of 800 in Malgrate, on Como lake. A modern interpretation on the shores of the Lario where the herringbone parquet Oximoro is a point of meeting between the elegance of tradition and the character of the vintage of the furnishings.

Read and watch all the article online.

Oximoro, but also Marina Decking and Lindura*

On the number 21st we are also on page 41 with the Marina Decking Classic and on page 70 in the article dedicated to White in the City, the main event of Fuorisalone 2017 in Milan, with the innovative Lindura


* ATTENTION: from 2019 Lindura and Nadura change their names to Lumbertech and Evertech respectively.