The SKEMA30 sculpture

On the occasion of SKEMA's 30th anniversary celebrations, the SKEMA30 sculpture was presented to the public. It was donated in recognition of a number of people and groups who collectively represent the large SKEMA family: employees and customers who all live and breathe life into this company.

The SKEMA30 sculpture is the result of careful planning with great symbolic value.

The work concept

Represented in it are the four elements underlying the order of things and the universe: fire, air, water, and earth, all in close symbiotic connection.

Elements that give shape and life to the company's activities in a context of transparency and connection between the parts, represented in the sculpture by the synthetic glass support.

A support characterised by the intersection of two planes by means of interlocking, a technology emblematic of the entire SKEMA world that makes interlocking its engineering, its industrial thinking.

All this is combined with lightness, transparency, simplicity. A powerful and solid interlocking, but never binding, a symbol of continuous change, of renewal, which we find in the company's elements, the counterpart of natural ones: matter (earth), thought (air), heart (fire) and market (water), linked to a temporality that is a symbol of continuous change and renewal.

The transparent planes come together to support a world, which is the world in which SKEMA operates and from which it draws its culture, the world of wood. The sphere that symbolises this stands on the cohesion of the transparent joint, a symbol but also a demonstration of the use of technology and conceptual development that leads SKEMA towards continuous evolution.

Supporting everything is dark metal, a raw and strong material, representing talent, technology, the consistency with which through exercise, experience and study, it becomes evolution, style, design.


SKEMA30 was the symbol given in recognition of some key figures, here is who received the sculpture at the event of the same name, but above all the motivation behind the award.

  • To the inspirer, chairman and founder: Domenico Barabas, President of SKEMA SPA.
  • For having known and shared the paths from the beginning of SKEMA, first as an agent, then as a distributor and then with a development of the new company, with new partners and collaborators: Enzo Vichi from Expo Parquet.
  • For having immediately believed in the new vinyl materials project. For having developed specific laying techniques, rapid intervention and for having generated social communication as protagonists: Enrico and Giuseppe Busatta from Il parquet di Busatta.
  • For the customer who has most believed in the Living Hydro project, to the point of making it a pillar of its business in recent years. For its ability to confront SKEMA in strategic decisions: Danilo and Daniel Voltolini from Voltolini Group.
  • For those who, although coming from the world of furniture, and therefore very much oriented towards traditional wood flooring, have been able to introduce Lumbertech flooring into their project, a project that is now enhanced by MODULAR: Luca Rossi Miraldo from Rossi Miraldo.
  • For the category of trade fair and public space fitters, which has met a complex fate in these pandemic years, but which has been able to react, renewing itself: Luca Trippetti and Mika Tornstrom from Fontemaggi ASAL and Assoallestimenti.
  • For being the first to embrace the SkemaTheca Smart Shop Experience project, employing new digital-experiential technologies: Sabrina Martelli, Alberto Gramellini from Casa+.
  • On behalf of all our closest and most loyal customersDaniele Colombo from Lele Parquet.
  • For assisting SKEMA's R&D departments in the realisation of SKEMAidea and company rebranding, and as a representative of the entire category of designers with whom SKEMA works: Franco Driusso.

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